We have loads of paint pen art ideas! In the tutorials below we take our paint pens to rocks, but you can use these easy art designs on any medium you want!

over 100 paint pen tutorials for rocks

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Paint Pens for Beginner Art

To say we LOVE paint pens is an understatement… Paint pens are perfect for an art beginner!

  • There is no prep or clean up. Just open them and create!
  • They come in lots of different sized tips so you can create so many different styles and designs.
  • The are like drawing. If you can doodle with a pen you can paint with paint pens
  • Water-based pens can be blended together for different colors and shades. They can also be manipulated with a brush and water!
Paint pen tips trick and tutorials

Getting Started with Paint Markers

If you have never used paint pens (paint markers) in the past there are a few quick things to learn. Check out this video to see how to burp them, prime them, and a few other tips!

Paint Pen Art Supplies

Don’t have any paint pens yet? Shop for paint pens in our Amazon store! The first pack I bought was the multi-pack. You get your basic colors in different sizes.

where to buy paint pens

Easy Art for Any Surface

Not into rock painting? That’s ok! These paint markers (paint pens) write on all sorts of surfaces too! Fabric, wood, and more! Most of these designs can even be used with other kinds of pens as well!

Paint Pen Art Ideas

over 100 paint pen art ideas

There are over 100 tutorials below to check out. Have fun looking around!

Paint Pen Art for Beginners

Check out all of our paint pen art tutorials to create fun rock paintings or other crafts.

We have so many we will sort them into categories for you!!

    Tips and Tricks

    Fan Favorites


Paint Pen Tips and Tricks

In this section you will see some of the techniques you can learn and use to create amazing paint pen rocks!

Fan Favorite Paint Pen Tutorials

Over the years some tutorials get a lot more love. These tutorials have been shared time and time again. Perfect for beginners to try!


These paint pen tutorials are all themed for a specific holiday!

  • If you are using this tutorial to paint a rock, make sure to seal your painted rocks before putting them out into the world!

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rock painting with paint pens over 100 tutorials