Have you always wanted to learn how to paint a dachshund onto a rock? Today is your lucky day! With this simple tutorial, you’ll have as many little dachshund crafts as you can possibly crank you. I think we can all agree that they’re pretty dang cute, too! how to paint a dachshund

How to paint a dachshund

The great part about this animal rock painting idea is that it’s really not that hard at all. And the end result is that you get the cutest little Weiner dog, ever, to display around wherever you want.

Once you do this dog rock painting idea, you’ll have to see what other animal rock painting ideas you can cup up with! Every rock is truly a blank canvas to create and paint on! 

Make sure to watch the full-length tutorial at the bottom so you can get all the step by step directions!

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Supplies to create dog rock painting ideas

All I used were Posca Paint Pens. I also made certain to find a smooth, long rock so I can get the entire pup on it! 

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