We are adding another easy painted heart rock design today. This one is more about the base coat and how to create a faux watercolor with paint pens.

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It doesn’t matter how many heart rock painting tutorials we have on the site… I will always be adding more because I LOVE to leave hearts around town. They work just as well as positive word rocks to brighten someones day.

Supplies for Creating Watercolor with Paint Pens

You might have guessed the main supply for this design is paint pens! Pick fun colors that can blend together well and make sure they are water-based. I love adding the glitter paint pens in these designs to give them a bit of shimmer. You will want to work on lighter stones for these to let the colors pop. Grab a paintbrush, any sized, and water as well. If you need paint pens you can see our favorites in the link below!

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How to Paint Faux Watercolor with Paint Pens Step-by-Step

Below you will find step by step images on how to create this design. There is a full video tutorial after if you are looking for more details or tips!

Start placing down blobs of paint in different colors. Then add water to your paint and wiggle it around. Let it flow over the edges. Let some sections dry while adding paint to others.

You can layer your colors as much as you want! I like to save the glitter layer for last. It tends to get a little translucent so you can place it on top of other colored areas. Last we are adding hearts to these rocks. Just sketch a heart on 3 times. Keep the lines loose so you get a fun look. Add zig zags, loops, and dots to finish it up!

  • If you are using this tutorial to paint a rock, make sure to seal your painted rocks before putting them out into the world!

Check out the Video Tutorial

Below you can watch the full-length tutorial.

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