Grab your paint pens to create these beautifully blended hand lettering rocks! These will bring your word rock game up to the next level!

blended paint pen word rocks

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Word rocks are fantastic to leave around town. You can make them say anything you want! I shared how to blend your paint pens with simple word rocks before, but now we are taking it up a notch!

Colorful word rocks with paint pens

Supplies for Paint Pen Word Rocks

For these word rocks we are blending using our extra fine tip paint pens. I base coated the rocks with black acrylic paint which really helps these colors pop!

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How to Create Blended Hand Lettering with Paint Pens Step-by-Step

Below you will find step by step images on how to create this design. There is a full video tutorial after if you are looking for more details or tips!

First, lay out your letters using your colors broken apart. Next, thicken up all of your lines a bit. Your down strokes should be thicker than the up strokes.

blended paint pen hand lettering step by step

Work one section at a time to blend the lettering colors together. To do this simply touch the tips of your paint pens together. For example on the R, place blue on the tip of the yellow then work from the blue section towards the yellow. Work the width of the lettering in small sections. Continue along until you have finished your lettering. I also repeated the process to create fun dots. This will give you dots in all of the colors you see in your letters.

Blended Hand Lettering Video Tutorial

Watch me paint this rock in the full-length tutorial below!

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blended hand lettering kindness rocks