Do you want to make a wow worthy lined mandala, but have no idea where to start? Maybe you have a hard time getting your lines right… I have a hack to help het you started!!

Painting lined mandalas for beginners

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We have a lot of dotted mandala tutorials and tips on the site. However, we never added this fun lined mandala tutorial! I have a simple little hack to help you lay out your circles. Which is the key to creating these beautiful stones.

Lined Mandala Painting Tutorial for Beginners

Supplies for Lined Mandala Rocks

A post-it note or square piece of paper is the base for this design. You need something circle to trace. You will also need a hole punch and a pair of scissors. I used a 1M Posca paint pen for the black and one of the DecoArt golds from the metallic pack. I did end up using a bit of black acrylic for some of the extra dots. Created with my dotting tools. All of these supplies can be located in our Amazon shop linked below.

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How to Paint Lined Mandalas Step-by-Step

Below you will find step by step images on how to create this design. There is a full video tutorial after if you are looking for more details or tips!

First, you need to create a template, which is the hack to make your first mandalas look amazing! Take your post-it trace out the circle then cut it out. Fold it into 4ths carefully with tight creases. Use your hole punch at the center point of the circle. Take your time with this. Make sure the point is at the center of the punch.

Creating lined mandala template for beginners

Now, unfold and lay your circle on your rock. It is ok for it to fold over the edge a bit. Using your paint pen trace the small circle in the center onto your rock. This will help you line your circle up as you work and to make sure you aren’t moving it. Then trace the outer edge of your circle. Pressing down to work your way over the rock since your surface isn’t flat.

Refold your template and trim the curved edge. Draw a line on if needed to make sure you are doing this evenly. Then line up your center circle and trace the outside edge again. Continue doing this until you have a small circle toward the middle of your design.

Lined Mandalas step by step 2nd half

Add on your embellishments. You can create circles, triangles, rectangles or squares. Let your creativity sing! Once your shapes are on the stone use dotting tools to fill them all in.

Lined Mandala Video Tutorial

See how the template is made and more on designing your mandalas in the full tutorial below.

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How to paint Mandala Rocks step-by-step for Beginners