Learn how to draw a 3D heart rock in just a few simple steps. Sharing kindness and love with this beautiful heart painted rock is so much fun and easy to do! (Don’t miss the step by step video tutorial at the end of this post!)

How to Paint a 3D Heart

Painting hearts on rocks is so much fun. Not only are rocks the perfect size and shape to pull it off, but they’re also super simple and easy to work with as well. Once you get the basic outside design of the heart drawn, you can easily fill in all the cool colors and extras. 

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Heart Rock Painting

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Supplies to create this heart painted rock

The great news about making these 3D hearts is that you don’t need very many supplies at all! And once you’re done, you’re going to love the outcome! 

To create the Purple/Green Heart Rock, I used paint pens. The tips for the purple and green were from a 3M Pack and for the black outline, I used a 1M pen

For the Purple/Pink heart, I used DecoArt Paints and dotting tools.

I still used the same black 1M paint pen for lining and outlining. 

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Watch the Full Heart Rock Painting Video Tutorial!

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Want to take it up a notch?  See how some simple shading really makes the heart pop in this tutorial!See how to make this shape pop with some simple shading.

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