This zendangle heart painted rock is a fun new painting technique that I’m obsessed with! Check out the process and learn a few tips along the way! Zendangle painted heart. A fun technique for rock painting!

Zendangle Heart Painted Rocks

I am obsessed with this fun new dangle technique! I’ve been going nuts creating zendangle style rocks. This example is a zendangle heart that I painted on a plain rock. Most of the time I sit and doodle with my black pen first and then add color. In the video below, I bounce back and forth between black and color. Which I actually enjoyed doing…it may become my new process for dangle painting. This page contains affiliate links which means if you make a purchase using the link, I could receive a commission check out all the details here.

How to paint hearts on rocks!

You can grab the extra fine tipped Posca pens that I used on these hearts here. Start with a basic heart in the center of your rock. Then create lots of areas for colored dots and squares and more. You don’t have to be perfect with the colors because when you’re all finished, you can come back with your black pen and clean up your lines.

Do little sections at a time and let the art “flow”. Just whatever comes to you as you’re creating. There are really no rules to this zendangle technique. This style can take a while to create, which is ok!

I like to break up my bigger chunks of space with little bits of color. But I also like to leave some exposed rock. Play around with whatever balance you like.

You can connect vertical lines with a dangle by connecting the vertical lines and then drop a dangle from the connecting line.

101 Tip!:  If you’re not great at painting an open shape, just create a complete dot or square and then paint over the black with your colored pens.

Once all the colors have been added, give your rock a touch up by cleaning up the black lines.
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