We love to paint animal rocks so when asked how to paint a fox rock I was surprised I didn’t have one on the site yet! I was happy to break down how to paint a fox and this cutie will make someones day when he’s found!

painted fox for beginners

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Painting animals can seem tricky, but once you see the basic shapes broken down you can definitely paint this fox rock! Once you do one you can change his pose around or dress him up for the holidays!

Paint pen fox tutorial

Supplies for this Painted Fox Rock

To paint this fox rock I used my Artistry extra fine tip markers. I also used my Posca extra fine tip green for the grass. You could also paint him using your acrylic paints and a black for lining! Grab any of these supplies in the link below!

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How to Paint a Fox Step-by-Step

I’ve got this pained fox broken down into a few images to see how he is created, but if you need a little more instruction please watch the video below!

Start by lining the top half of his head. The crown of his head is like the top of football or eye. When adding your ears start smaller you can always make them bigger! Place your nose dot just below the orange arch in the center of his head. Add the bottom of his head the arch will be slightly closer to the center. I know his legs in the image are a little tricky to see, but they will pop out once you add his body.

how to paint a fox step by step

Fill in all of your shapes and add some grass. Let this layer dry completely and then add a second one. Last comes the lining. Add a bit of extra black on the tips of his ears. A little dot highlight in the eye is a good final touch!

How to Paint a Fox Video Tutorial

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Animal rocks fox painting

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