A mandala heart painted rock is a fun rock painting idea. Check out these tips to make your mandala rocks beautiful every time!
Mandala Heart Painted Rock. A fun rock painting technique.

Mandala Heart Painted Rock

I love painting heart rocks. I don’t think there is any time of year that is a bad time to paint hearts. I’m also a huge fan of mandala design. This rock combines both of these loves with pastel rainbow colors to create a beautiful mandala heart painted rock.

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How to heart mandalas on rocks!

To make a nice and even mandala design, it helps to have a perfectly shaped heart. To create this nice even heart, I used a post-it note to create a heart template and then traced it onto the rock. The sticky from the post-it helps to keep the template in place.

You can grab the pastel Posca pens that I used on this heart rock here: here.

When creating a mandala design, you want to create several layers of arches. Inside a heart, it’s a bit easier because you don’t have to worry about having a perfect circle. It makes a mandala heart a really nice beginner project for this technique.

Each time I make a new arch, I create small marks evenly above the previous curve. Then when you draw your new curve it’s more of a connect the dots process. This makes nice and even arches all along your mandala rock.

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To decorate each arch, a good rule of thumb is to find the center of each line and then break your space by halves. Then fill in the spaces in between. This will help you create an even design.

When you’re adding virtical lines in your mandala heart, make sure that the lines point towards the tip of the heart.

101 Tip!:  If you mess up a line, just make it thicker!

Once you have the black done, it’s time to start adding color. If you have a space that you don’t know what to do with, start adding color, it might inspire you. I used pastel rainbow colors for this mandala rock, and in order to get all the colors of the rainbow, I ended up adding little details along the way.

There really is no wrong way to create a pretty mandala rock! Let the video give you tips and a starting point. Then you can make it your own. I like to have open areas of rock to show, you may not like that. I also used a little zendangle inspiration in my layers.

Once the color is added, feel free to go back over with your black pen to touch up the lines.

If you create one of these mandala heart painted rocks, please share it with us!!  Leave a picture in the comments of our Facebook Live!

Full Mandala Video Tutorial

I hope you give it a try!

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