We have so many heart rocks on the site and a few that mix in the fun zendangle aspect as well! This simple love dangle design is whimsical and easy to recreate once you see it broken down step by step.

Metallic love dangle designs

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Leaving word rocks around town is a great way to make someones day. While nearing Valentine’s season heart themed rocks seem to be more popular, they can really be left around town all year long!

zendangle love design on rocks

Zendangle Love Rock Supplies

For this tutorial I am using colors from my DecoArt Metallics pack. I just LOVE the shimmer you get. You can easily create this with any colors you like! I also use my 1M Black Posca paint pen and do final touch ups with some Micron Pens. I also used dotting tools to fill in my dangle designs. You can also use the back of a paintbrush or even toothpicks for this!

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Cursive Love Dangle Design Step-by-Step Tutorial

Below you will find step by step images on how to create this design. There is a full video tutorial after if you are looking for more details or tips!

Start by drawing your word, in this case love, onto the bottom of your surface. Draw a heart off-centered near the top. Now extend the ends of your letters to create a frame around the edge of your stone. Fill in all the middle space. Use arches and swirls. There are no rules. I always like to have a weight at the end of my dangles.

how to paint a cursive love dangle design step by step

Next, using your dotting tools fill in all of your dangle designs. Now we will thicken the downward strokes on our cursive love. I did go back and fill in some silver inside of the letter of this design (you can see that below). One thing to remember you can always go back and add more dangles. So if you are unsure on how many to add, start with less! You can always add more.

metallic love dangles

See the Full Video Dangle Love Rock Painted Below

If you need just a few more details watch this real-time video!

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love dangle kindness rocks for hiding