Word rock kindness rocks is by far the most common you will see. So if you aren’t great at hand-lettering then these bubble letter kindness rocks are perfect for you!

step by step bubble letters for kindness rocks

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Bubble Letter Word Rocks

I love to paint and hide word rocks. It is amazing how 2 words can change the course of someones day, week, or even more! I have 3 designs I am sharing with you today, but you can use these bubble letters to create so many more words and phrases! Just run with it!

how to paint bubble rocks

Supplies for Bubble Letter Kindness Rocks

I have to share with you where I got these amazing rocks. They are perfect for creating batches of mini kindness rocks! You can grab them for this awesome shop on Etsy! For the rest of this list visit the link below. I used my 1M Black Posca for lining. 3M Posca colors. For the white I actually used my 1M Posca on the letters but some of the bubbles were smaller so I grabbed my uni-ball Signa gel pen.

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Building Bubble Letters Step-by-Step

If you need more details for the bubble letters there is also a full tutorial below!

I find it easiest to start from a basic capital letter and then building it out. You want to make an oval around any straight line and fill in. With any letter that would have a hole just fill it in all the way (like the D below).

bubble letters step by step

Outline each of letters with your black. I wrote on the word “be” with pencil first after practicing on paper, but you can write this in regular letters too. I added some dots around the outside to fill in the open space. Last come back and add on your little highlights. This creates that bubble letter look!

Video Bubble Letter Tutorial

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If you can’t paint them now don’t forget to save them for later!!

bubble letter kindness rocks

Want to work on hand-lettering? Start with ONE word rocks!

Hand lettering a single word is the best way to learn how to hand letter onto painted rocks. Check out these tips and video tutorial to create kindness rocks or holiday rocks! #handlettering #tips #rockpainting #howtopaintrocks #kindnessrocks #holidayrocks #blessed #peace #paintedrocks #rockpainting101