Halloween themed rocks are in my top 5 favorite rock painting styles! This haunted house design is so easy to paint once you have seen it broken down step-by-step. You will be whipping up your own batch in no time!

step by step haunted house painting

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Painting a Haunted House Silhouette

Step by step haunted house painting tutorial for beginners

I like to paint rocks for Halloween because the kids always seem so excited to pick out a rock to take with their treat. Some even opt for just the rock and no candy at all. Having a non-candy trick or treating option is really nice to have!

Supplies for this Haunted House Rock

For this rock painting I used an acrylic blended base coat orange and yellow. For the house I used my 1M Black Posca Pen. To fill in and do the edges I used a larger black paint pen, but acrylic paint would work for this as well.

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Before we get into the haunted house tutorial first we need to talk about the base coat. I painted a whole batch using a quick one brush gradient technique. Grab a brush that is as wide as your rock. Place your colors on and swipe back and forth until you like the stone and then move onto your next rock.

This technique for painting a gradient base coat is fast and easy. Check out the step by step tutorial and you'll be creating amazing painted rocks in no time!

Continue using the paint left in your brush. You will be able to create more rocks than you think with this process. I created about 7 rocks with just a few squirts of paint.

How to Paint a Haunted House

How to Paint a Haunted House

How to paint a haunted house silhouette step-by-step.


  • Bright Base Coated Stones


  • Extra Fine Tip Paint Pen
  • Acrylic Paint or Larger Paint Pen


  1. Give your rocks a bright base coat so the silhouette stands out. - Base Coat Tutorial
  2. Create the shapes of your house. Use a triangle shape for the roofs and rectangles for the building. You can play around with proportions and angles. This is meant to be whimsical.
  3. Add in window shapes. The more the better! This is where the light will show through.
  4. Fill in the rest of the house black.
  5. Now you can add more details. Chimney stacks, spider webs, grave stones, fences, etc! Every house will be a bit different and that is what makes them so fun!
  6. Finish up with a nice black boarder. You can do this using acylic paint and a brush or a larger paint pen.

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How to paint haunted house silhouettes step by step

Painting a Haunted House Rock Video Tutorial