These owl painted rocks are created using a simple paint blocking method. They are super adorable and easy to paint! Grab some paint pens (or brushes if you prefer) and let’s create!Create lovely owl painted rocks with this simple rock painting for beginners technique. We use posca paint pens because they are so easy to work with, but you can use acrylic paints with a brush too!

Owl Painted Rocks

Yesterday teased us with spring type weather. We went outside and played with chalk and enjoyed the fresh air and now today is cold again. That burst of fresh air made me in the mood to paint with my new pastel set of Posca pens. So these owl painted rocks have a fun spring feel to them…even if it is February! You can paint them with whatever colors you want!

I love cute graphic style owls, but I had never tackled the process before. It always seemed more complicated than I thought. You can make them as intricate as you like. But I’m a bigger fan of simple art. This is only the 2nd owl rock I’ve ever tried! So if you aren’t sure how you want to tackle painting an owl and think that it might be too hard, watch this video and you’ll learn it’s not as complicated as you may think!

How to paint owls on rocks!

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You can grab the pastel Posca pens that I used on these owls here.

It’s all about creating some basic shapes. I started with the whites of those big owl eyes and then sketched out the basic shape of the owl.  Don’t worry about being perfect! You want two points for the ears and a rounded bottom.

The wings are created with a combination of heart and “w” shapes. Make the painted owls come together with an extra fine tipped Posca pen.

101 Tip!:  When you’re using an extra fine tipped paint pen, don’t press hard! When you’re painting rocks, a light touch will help to prevent paint splatters.

Make sure your owls can see at night by giving them their big eyes. When painting the eye pupils, you can always make them bigger. So start with a small circle in the middle and slowly work your way out! The final touch of these owl painted rocks is the little white dot in the pupils. It gives them such a cute and finished look!

Remember! When you paint with these pens they are very forgiving! If you mess up along the way, let the paint dry and then come back in with your pens and touch up as needed. It’s one of the reasons why Rock Painting 101 is a firm believer that Posca pens are PERFECT for rock painting beginners.

If you create one of these owls, please share it with us!!  Leave a picture in the comments of our Facebook Live!

This owl painted rock was inspired by our #52Rocks! challenge where we are painting a different theme each week! Follow along here!

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