How to paint rocks? This is kind of a loaded question. As I will explain below, there are so many ways to do it! This is why it can be a tricky question for some to answer.

However, I have been rock painting for quite some time now! I have explored a lot of different supplies and designs for beginners.

How to Paint Rocks

In this post, we will start with how to paint rocks step-by-step. Feel free to watch the video and/or check out the 5 steps below. Farther down in the post we will continue onto other variations, techniques, and additional tutorials to help you decide what kind of rocks you want to paint!

Step 1 – Finding Rocks to Paint

If there is one thing any rock painting can tell you, it is that once you start rock painting you will be needing a constant supply of rocks to paint!

For those who collect rocks while out and about please make sure that you are following local laws etc. Grabbing one or two might not be a big deal, but once you start painting you don’t want to be taking too many stones away from nature.

If finding rocks in your area is difficult, you can buy rocks to paint or even make rocks to paint.

Where to Buy Rocks

Option 1 – Look for landscaping supply shops in your area. This is the most affordable way to get rocks to paint. These will be more natural-looking stones. They have a few different size and color options. You will have to do the work of digging in the pile. (which can be fun!!)

Prices will vary depending on your area. Some rockers report that their local landscaping shop gives them away!

Option 2 – Ordering rocks to paint online. I get a lot of my rocks online. This comes in handy if you can’t get out or if you want something a little nicer to paint on. I have a whole post dedicated to rocks you can buy online.

Making Rocks to Paint

Yes, this is a thing, maybe it’s not your thing, but lots of people create stones for painting! It can be a great option to make a set of rocks that are all the same size, shape, and color! We have a wonderful guest post on how to make rocks to paint here on the site.

Step 2 – Preparing Your Rocks to Paint

So you have your rocks. Next up is prepping them for painting! After painting many rocks I have found that the best way to do this is getting a vegetable brush and just cleaning them like potatoes under warm running water. Set on a towel to the side to dry. Make sure they dry completely before painting. This doesn’t take very long but does vary based on the size and thickness of your rocks.

Step 3 – Painting Rocks

This is the part we all knew was coming… and there is really so much to it! I’m going to leave 2 main links here for you to head to if you want more information. The main thing to remember is there are unlimited ways, mediums, and designs to pick and choose from. For more information on painting rocks head to one of the links below:

Step 4 – Sealing your Painted Rocks

Like painting rocks, sealing rocks can be done a few different ways. Try a few and find something that works best for you!

There are a couple of things that can go into picking how to seal your rocks. What kind of finish do you want? Do you need to seal indoors? How many rocks are you sealing?

I seal a lot of rocks so personally, I use a spray-on sealer 95% of the time! Occasional I use a brush on.

If you love the glossy glass-like look you may be interested in using resin on your rocks! We had an expert write us up a guest post one that. For more information on how to seal rocks head to one of the links below:

Step 5 – Getting Rid of Your Painted Rocks

Something you will quickly learn is your painted rocks are going to add up quick! So here are a few ways to get rid of them!

Hiding rocks around town is a great way to spread joy through random acts of kindness. Just place your rocks around where someone will stumble upon it.

There are lots of local groups on Facebook that share rocks that are found or hidden around town. You can bring them into hospitals or donate them to a charity. You can give them as gifts or create them to memorialize a special occasion.

If you get good enough you can even sell them on Etsy! For more information leaving your rocks around town head to one of the links below:

Rock Painting 101

These rock painting tutorials will help you master this unique hobby.

How to Paint Rocks - Tips and Techniques

The 5 basic steps listed above can get you started but, there is SO MUCH MORE to rock painting!! From base coats to mandala art we are adding more to the site all the time! If we don't know a lot about the medium or technique we reach to other painters to give us all the detail for you! Have fun looking around!