The colors are changing so painting fall themed rocks is on everyone’s mind! This pointillism heart is simple to make and just screams autumn!

autumn pointillism heart tutorial

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Whether you are new to rock painting or a seasoned painter sometimes coming up with the idea can be the hardest part! At a glance, I’m sure you are ready to get started, but I do have a couple tips to make this rock come out great every time!

fall rock painting idea pointillism heart design

Supplies for Painting a Pointillism Heart

This stone is just as flat as you can find. This Etsy shop has loads of these beautiful stones in all sorts of shapes and sizes. If you’re working with a regular rock try to find one with at least a decent flat surface for your heart. I use a post-it note for my heart, that little sticky spot helps hold it in place. Then paint pens from my 1M (extra fine tip) Posca pack in red, yellow, & orange.

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How to Build a Pointillism Heart Step-by-Step

Below you will find step by step images on how to create this design. There is a full video tutorial after if you are looking for more details or tips!

Start by folding a post it in half, sticky to sticky. Then cut out a half heart design. Unfold and place on your stone. The sticky really helps hold it in place while you start your dotting. You could also use a heart sticker if you happen to have one! Start with your darkest color, in this case red, and begin dotting around your heart. Make sure to saturate the edge and then tapper them out into the rest of your rock. Remove your heart template. Then finish filling in your heart edge with dots. See the left half of the heart below.

4 steps tutorial pointillism heart design for fall

Now start to fill in with your second color, orange for us today. Fill in the area with lots of orange and then tapper it off in both directions. Finally, add your last color, in this case yellow. Saturate with dots along the outer edge and then tapper them off toward the heart. Some bring your yellow all the way into the red in some places.

Painted Pointillism Heart Video Tutorial

If you need to just see it in motion you are not alone! So we have a full-length tutorial you can watch.

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pointillism hearts rock painting idea