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We love exploring hobby of rock painting! You can find all things stone painting on this site. From the basics of getting started, supplies, techniques, and design inspiration!

How To Paint Rocks

In this section you will find step by step instructions on how to paint rocks. You can also find information on specific rock painting techniques, like dot painting, mandalas, and more!

Rock Painting Supplies

From acrylics and brushes to paint pens and sealers we are talking all things rock painting supplies. What you need to start painting stones.

Rock Painting Ideas

Find over 100 rock painting ideas (with tutorials). We have painted rocks to match any theme, season, or style you are looking for!

These rock painting ideas are sure to inspire!

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How to Paint Cute Candy Trick or Treat Rocks

How to Paint Cute Candy Trick or Treat Rocks

These 4 cute candy painted rocks are ready to go trick or treating! We love to make tons of Halloween painted stones to leave out for our trick or treaters. It is a great non-candy option, and the have a blast picking one out every year. Passing out Painted Rocks for...

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