Do you love the thought of graffiti but really don’t feel like getting in trouble? This graffiti inspired rock painting tutorial is just what you need! Now you can use those funky colors and fun lettering to create awesome graphics on simple rocks. 

It’s time to allow your inner creativity to shine with these simple graffiti art rocks. You’ll be able to express your artistic talent in so many cool ways! Graffiti inspired step by step rock painting tutorial

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Graffiti Inspired Rock Painting Tutorial

When people think of graffiti, it tends to get a bad rap. Most people think of it as being something that is done in secret and typically on the sides of buildings and other areas that it shouldn’t be done on. But these graffiti rocks are different. These are your rocks and these are a safe and simple space that you can easily create on without worry. 

And just look at all those bright colors! They’re not only bright and fun but they’ll just make you want to do more! 

Make sure to watch the full-length tutorial at the bottom so you can get all the step by step directions!graffiti rocks

Inspirational word rocks

Channeling your inner graffiti artist is so much fun! You can really be quite creative with words and color choices with this fun rock painting idea! 

Supplies to create these fun graffiti art rocks

You can use Posca Pens 3M pack and black 1M for the lining. Make certain that you choose flat rocks to paint on as well. 

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Full Painting Graffiti Rocks Tutorial

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