Every year since we started our site we have added a fun new New Years rock painting design. Something unique to hide around your city to celebrating this time of year.

2022 broken rock painting

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I have a broken heart rock, broken rainbow rock, and broken be the light rock tutorial that shows all the ways you can create fun painted rock designs once you see this fun technique! The gold inside the rock makes a perfect backdrop for this 2022 New Year’s rock painting design!

2022 New Years Painted Rocks

Supplies for your New Years Rock

For this painted rock you will need a good gold. I have DecoArts Glorious Gold acrylic paint today. You will also need an extra fine tip black paint pen, like the Artistro one I have in the tutorial. You will want a smaller paint brush for your shading and a larger one for filling in your gold.

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New Years Rock Painting Design Step-by-Step

Below you will find step by step images on how to create this design. There is a full video tutorial after if you are looking for more details or tips!

For this design it actually works well to have a bumpier stone. Start with outlining the broken rock section. Create the jagged edge using straight lines and points. Fill the center with gold and add some lines out from the peaks of some of your points. You can ALWAYS add more cracking so start with just a few.

New Years Broken rock design step by step

Now alternating between adding more black with your paint pen and an almost dry paint brush add some shading along the inner edge. Start darker in the tips and lighter towards the middle. It is good to add this shading slowly and build it up. Remember, it is always easier to add more and hard to take it off. To finish off your New Years rock painting design simply add on your numbers! I started with simple line numbers. Added a perpendicular hash at the ends and then tapered them in.

new years rock painting design

Watch the Video Tutorial

See me paint this rock start to finish in the full video tutorial!

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New Years Painted Rock step by step