These cute and fun unicorn rocks are perfect for the unicorn lover you know. Using simple block painting techniques, you can create this fun animal rock in no time!
Unicorn rocks. How to draw a unicorn on a rock. Step by step instructions for this fun rock painting project!

Unicorn Rocks

This is a very special rock for a very special little girl, my five-year-old niece.

She is obsessed with unicorns and with watching these rock painting videos. She sent me a fun video of her painting a unicorn, very much in the style of my Facebook lives.

I thought I would surprise her by painting a unicorn rock. My daughter saw this rock sitting on the counter and got very excited…then I had to break the news that it was for her cousin.

But these are so simple, I had to make a second one for my daughter. Now both of my girls have a fun and cute little unicorn rocks.

If you’re looking for a rock painting idea that you can give to a little girl, this one will be a hit! Plus it pairs perfectly with our mermaid rock painting idea!

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Step by step instructions for this unicorn painted rockUnicorn rocks. How to draw a unicorn on a rock. Step by step instructions for this fun rock painting project! #unicornrocks #howtodrawaunicorn #animalrocks #rockpainting #stonepainting #paintedrocks #rockpainting101

You can grab the glitter Posca pens that I used on this Unicorn rock here.

Position your oval low on the rock, to leave room for the horn. Start with the oval so that there is time to give it a couple of coats.

Sometimes when you paint directly onto a rock, the rock seems to absorb the paint a bit. Giving it a second coat will give you a nice white look. If you want to give your rock a base coat, check out how we do it here.

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Sketch out the basic white shape of the ears. I rounded off the tops to give the unicorn a more gentle look…because unicorns are gentle animals, right! Next, add a smaller pink triangle to give the ears a pop of color.

Draw a tall triangle for the horn. Using the black pen, you will give the horn a nice shape by drawing the rings.

101 Tip!:  Sometimes the glitter pens seem very light. I’ve noticed that they darken as they dry.

I like to start my flowers by adding the center dot first. Then you can quickly draw the petals around the center.

When drawing the wavy hair, it helps to draw a small dot where you want the hair to end. This gives your hand a destination and you’re more likely to get the look you want. I gave my unicorn rocks 3 layers of hair, but you can add as many or as few as you like.

The hardest part of this painted rock is drawing the face. I started by drawing the two nostrils. Then I lined up the inside corner of the eye with the nostril. I also turned my rock upsidedown as I painted. This is because I paint arches better than I draw “U” shapes. Practice drawing your unicorn face on a piece of paper first.

Once everything is painted, give your unicorn rock some definition by painting black around all the edges.

How to draw a unicorn!

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Unicorn rocks. How to draw a unicorn on a rock. Step by step instructions for this fun rock painting project! #unicornrocks #howtodrawaunicorn #animalrocks #rockpainting #stonepainting #paintedrocks #rockpainting101

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