Chick painted rocks that are adorable and easy to create! The video tutorial and step by step instructions will walk you through this painted chick rock painting idea. This project is perfect for the stone painting beginner.
Create a fun Easter rocks with these painted chick rocks.

Chick Painted Rocks

I’m seeing a lot of Easter stuff pop up on Facebook, and it got me inspired to create these chick painted rocks.

After painting this little guy, on a Facebook Live, I received lots of requests for the matching bunny rocks. And I loved this Easter chick so much that you know that I will be creating several to hide all around my city.

I used a simple block painting technique so that even beginners can tackle this stone painting idea.

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Chick rock painting step by step instructions

Create a fun Easter rocks with these painted chick rocks. #easterrocks #paintedchick #easterchick #rockpainting #stonepainting #animalrocks #birdrocks #rockpainting101

You can grab the medium tipped Posca pens that I used on these painted chicks here.

Start with an outline of the head, body, wings, and head feathers. They should be simple shapes, so don’t over think it!  We’re creating this painted chick using a color blocking technique.
Create the whites of the chick’s eyes. That way you have plenty of time to give the whites a couple of coats.

Color the entire baby chick with yellow. For the first coat, I stayed away from my outline. Give your outline a fresh trace of orange and then grab the yellow pen and use a circular motion to pull the orange into the yellow. Work one space at a time so that the orange doesn’t dry before you get the yellow blended in. Make sure to let the paint dry before repeating with a 3rd coat. It might not be necessary for a 3rd coat. It depends on how dark the rock is.

101 Tip!:  Don’t worry about your pens.  At first, it used to freak me out to get a second color on my Posca pens. But don’t worry you can easily clean off the tip on a piece of scratch paper. If they’re really “dirty” you can quickly take the tips off and rinse them in water.

Once the last coat of the head is dry. Round out the whites of the eyes and then add big black pupils. Finish the painted eyes off with a small white circle to give the eyes some character.

How to create painted chicks on rocks!

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