Heart rocks make lovely painted rocks. You can incorporate so many different techniques that there is a style that’s perfect for any skill level. This collection will inspire you to pick up your paint pen (or brush) and create some beautiful rocks.
Heart rocks for valentines day, mother's day, kindness rocks, or just a fun rock painting idea! #rockpainting101

Heart Rocks

I love creating heart rocks! Of course, you can paint them for Valentine’s day or Mother’s day, but a good heart painted rock is welcome any time of the year.

Check out this collection of heart rock painting ideas. You’ll see how there are so many different styles and that no two hearts will be the same.

The videos will give you tips on how to paint the perfect heart shape. Plus you’ll see several different techniques.

This list will continue to grow, so check back often!

Heart Painted Rocks

Which one of these lovely heart painted rocks will you create first?

3D Hearts

green and Purple Heart rockUse a fun technique to give your hearts a 3D effect.

Radial Heart Rocks

These radial heart painted rocks are perfect for giving to loved ones or hiding around your city! They make amazing kindness rocks! #rockpainting101Learn how to create that perfect heart inside a radial design with this tutorial!

Smiling Heart Rocks

Paint these simple smiling hearts onto rocks and you have an adorable Valentine's Day rock painting idea! #rockpainting101These happy hearts painted rocks are perfect for giving to people on Valentine’s Day!

Love Bugs

Learn how to draw a love bug with this simple and fun video tutorial. Lovebug crafts are perfect for celebrating Valentine's Day with your loved ones. #rockpainting101These love monsters may not be heart-shaped rocks, but their heart eyes make them perfect for this theme!

Mandala Heart

Mandala HeartThis mandala inspired rock painting idea is lovely!

Rainbow Heart Rock

Rainbow HeartCheck out the unique technique used to create this rainbow backdrop!

Striped Heart Painted Rock

Striped Heart RockThere are so many different techniques you can add to this striped heart rock.

Radial Zendangle Heart

Radial Zendangle HeartDangles don’t always have to go down! Check out this fun twist on the zendangle technique.

You Matter Heart

Are you participating in International Drop A Rock Day? Check out all the fun details about this fun day that takes rock hunting to a new level by spreading love and kindness around the world. #internationaldroparockday #droparock #kindnessrocks #youmatter #redheart #howtopaintrocks #heartrocks #rockpainting101This rock was created to match the theme of this year’s International Drop A Rock Day. But the style can be used for any theme!

Pointillism Heart

This easy pointillism tutorial is perfect for rock painting beginners. We used this art technique to create a heart rock, but you can paint any shape you want! #pointillism #heart #rockpainting #art #rockart #heartrock #stonepainting #rockpainting101I love this style of rock painting. It’s so versatile and fun. Check out the step by step tutorial and video for all the tips for this pointellism heart rock.

Mom Tattoo Rock

Mom Tattoo Rock is perfect for giving this Mother's day. #rockpainting101This Mom tattoo rock is perfect for giving this Mother’s Day!

Monochromatic Zendoodle Rock

A monochromatic heart rock that is fun to paint. #rockpainting101I love the details of this zendoodle style painted rock.

Rainbow Spiral Heart

This rainbow spiral heart rock is so much fun to paint!! #rockpainting101This rainbow heart rock has plenty of wow factor!!

I hope you enjoyed this collection of Heart rocks! How many colorful hearts will you be hiding in your city? I’ll continue to add to this collection whenever I create a fun new painted heart rock, so make sure to check back!

Pin these painted rocks to your favorite Pinterest board! Heart rocks for valentines day, mother's day, kindness rocks, or just a fun rock painting idea! #rockpainting101

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