This Mother’s Day design is based on a classic look. The old school sailor style MOM tattoo design. This fun idea is sure to make any mom smile! It’s really easy to recreate this rock, just follow the full tutorial below.
Create this Mom Tattoo design on a rock form Mother's Day!

Mom Tattoo Design

I originally painted this rock and filmed the tutorial when we were creating all of our fun heart rocks! It’s about time we got the tutorial on the site!

This mom tattoo design is so fun to create. You can do this on a plain rock surface or on something with a base coat. This pretty blue rock was painted using this spray paint base coat technique.

Make sure to watch the full-length tutorial at the bottom to get all the step by step directions!

Tattoo design for mom

Whether your mom has tattoos or not she will think this design is cute! It is such a classic image that it is sure to make her smile.Create this Mom Tattoo design on a rock form Mother's Day!

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Supplies to create this mom heart rock

I used a variety of pens when painting this rock. I bought a multi-pack of Posca pens when I got started.  You could do most of the design with acrylics if you have them as well. Writing on the letters is definitely easier with a 1M Black Posca paint pen.

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Watch the Full Rock Painting Video Tutorial!

You will easily be able to recreate this design. Just watch the step by step painting directions in the tutorial below! Make sure to subscribe at the end of this video to see all our newest rock painting ideas!


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Create this Mom Tattoo design on a rock form Mother's Day!



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