Be the Light Rocks for International Drop a Rock Day 1021

Are you participating in International Drop A Rock Day? Check out all the fun details about this fun day that takes rock hunting to a new level by spreading love and kindness around the world.

International Drop A Rock Day

A really fun way to get into rock painting is to get involved in International Drop A Rock Day! On July 3rd people all over the world will head out and leave behind inspirational rocks for people to find!

Leaving around rocks as random acts of kindness is nothing new. But just think, if everyone hid one the same day all across the world!

Well, that’s what people have been doing and it is gaining popularity each and every year!

Rock painting ideas for this special day

So what rock painting ideas are you going to drop? You can really paint anything.

Basecoat a bunch of rocks and add an inspirational message!

There are also a couple of groups that have added themes to the event. Two of the most popular groups are The Kindness Rock Project and The Word Rocks Project.

In previous years they have had themes such as You Matter and Together.

This year the World Rocks project has come up with the theme Be the Light! The Kindness Rock Project is joining in with this theme too! This is such an amazing message to leave all around town. Head to their Facebook group for loads of ideas of how to paint these.

Be the Light Rocks

This year I made a fun change to our broken rainbow rocks to add some light coming from within the rock. Check out our full tutorial for these broken Be the Light Rocks!

So get those rocks painted and head out to leave them anywhere you live on July 3rd!

We hope you enjoy this fun rock painting project and join in year after year!

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