Are you participating in International Drop A Rock Day? Check out all the fun details about this fun day that takes rock hunting to a new level by spreading love and kindness around the world.

July 3rd international drop a rock day

What is International Drop A Rock Day?

You know how there is a day for everything… hot dog day, ice cream day, etc. Well, lucky for us, there is an International Drop a Rock Day!!

Leaving around rocks as random acts of kindness is nothing new. But just think, if everyone hid one the same day all across the world!

Well, that’s what people have been doing and it is gaining popularity each and every year!

When is International Drop A Rock Day?

On July 3rd people all over the world will head out and leave behind inspirational rocks for people to find!

Rock painting ideas for this special day

So what rock painting ideas are you going to drop? You can really paint anything.

Basecoat a bunch of rocks and add an inspirational message!

There are also a couple of groups that have added a theme each year to the event. Two of the most popular groups are The Kindness Rock Project and The Word Rocks Project.

The theme for this year (2023) is KINDNESS MATTERS

  • 2022 – Peace
  • 2021 – Be the Light
  • 2020 – Together
  • 2019 – Harmony
  • 2018 – You Matter

I haven’t painted any for this year yet… I will try to com back and add some inspiration for you once I start seeing painting ideas being posted!

Last years PEACE Rock Painting Idea

We whipped ups some fast radial Peace sign designs on Facebook Live you can catch the replay for tips – Peace Sign Video

radial design peace painted rocks

Check out more inspiration we found on Instagram!

So get those rocks painted and head out to leave them anywhere you live on July 3rd!

We hope you enjoy this fun rock painting project and join in year after year!

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International drop a rock day July 3rd