If you use rock painting as a way of spread random acts of kindness then you are bound to create some word rocks! Word rocks are perfect for leaving around town and can change someones day, week, month, or more!

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Now this is a loaded post. I’m talking lots of information… probably more than you might need right at this moment. So I will break down the headers below and you can scroll for what you are looking for!

  • What to paint on word rocks – 30 word rock ideas
  • Supplies for word rocks
  • Tips for your basic hand writing
  • Tips for hand-lettering
  • Base coating ideas for word rocks
  • How to seal your word rocks
  • Word rock inspiration

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getting started with word rocks

30 Word Rock Ideas

Here are a few tips for picking what to put on your word rocks. First, keep it positive! You never know who will stumble upon your word rocks. I like neutral happy words. Next, if you’re a beginner, keep it short. This makes it easier to get it all on the stone. Last, make it family friendly. You never know if your rock will be found by a 5 year old, 95 year old, make it something appropriate for anyone that stumbles upon it.

There are obviously ENDLESS things you can write on rocks! These are just some of my favorites to get you inspired:

  1. You Matter
  2. You Rock
  3. Be You
  4. Give Thanks
  5. Smile
  6. Live
  7. Choose Happiness
  8. Shine Bright
  9. Be the Light
  10. Be Brave
  11. Peace
  12. Love
  13. Be Bold
  14. Spread Kindness
  15. Enjoy Life
  16. Chin Up
  17. Be Happy
  18. Be Unique
  19. Courage
  20. Focus
  21. Breathe
  22. Strong
  23. Believe
  24. Dream
  25. Inspire
  26. Evolve
  27. Hope
  28. You Are Special
  29. Good Vibes Only
  30. You Can Do It!

Supplies for Word Rocks

supplies for painting word rocks

As with all rock painting there are quite a few different supplies you can choose from when creating your word rocks. We will talk base coats later, for now I’m just going to share things to create the actual words. I love to use paint pens and gel pens for writing on rocks. It is much easier than using a brush and paint. You have much more control. Make sure what you are using can be sealed without running before creating a masterpiece. The best way to know is to create a tester rocks. Different paints and sealers can react differently.

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Getting Started with Word Rocks

Posts and Tutorials to help you with your word rocks!

Tips for your Basic Hand Writing

If you have just started creating word rocks you might be intimidated by all the beautiful hand-lettering artists out there. The truth is you can make wonderful word rocks without it! Here are some word rock styles and spacing tutorials for you.

Tips for Hand-Lettering

If you want to start hand-lettering rocks, but just aren't sure where to start we have some great tips for you! Like most artistic things practice makes perfect (or at least improvement). Lettering sheets are very helpful. I have used this set of practice sheets you can print them off over and over again! There are loads in her shop to peek at!

Base Coating Ideas for Word Rocks

If you are making word rocks you can go right onto the stone or you can write on top of a fun base coat. Check out these fun base coat ideas to prep your rock before you start painting!

How to Seal your Word Rocks

Your word rocks are complete... well almost! You want to protect those beauties while they wait for their finder. Just like everything else you have options. There are spray on sealers, brush on sealers, and even resin sealers. It really depends on the finish you want to give your rocks.

Word Rock Inspiration

There are so many other styles you can try to make fun and inspiring word rocks to leave around town or give as gifts. This might be the hardest part... picking what to do first! Scroll through and find some inspiration. Each image is linked to the tutorial. Happy Painting!!

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I hope this has gotten you exited and inspired to create some fun new word rocks to spread some joy!! Take a minute and pin it to share and save for later!

painting word rocks step by step