Did you know you could use highlighters on rocks? Well you can! They make a wonderful bright base coat for cute word rocks!

highlighters on rocks for word rocks

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I love that you can pull just about any craft supply out and give it a go on rocks. When I was creating our faux washed out watercolor flowers (with washable markers) I thought, this might work with highlighters too! Not only did it work, but it made a vibrant bright base coat to add lettering on, and I just adore them!

highlighters on rocks for a bright base coat

Supplies for Highlighter Stones

You may have guessed it but, you need highlighters for this rock painting idea. I am working on these cute thassos rocks. They are nice and white, and absorb some of the color well. For the lettering you may want to grab an extra fine tip paint pen. You will also need a paint brush, any size or shape. And some water.

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highlighters on rocks base coat idea

How to Use Highlighters on Rocks Step-by-Step

Below you will find step by step images on how to create this design. There is a full video tutorial after if you are looking for more details or tips!

With this process you have to work quick. The rock will soak in that highlighter! Place down one color and then go at it with a wet paint brush. Wiggle the bristles into the highlighter and work the color toward the middle. Be careful to leave the second side dry.

Highlighter kindness rocks step by step 1-4 of 8

Then repeat with your second color on the opposite side. Then start to marry the colors together in the middle.

Once it is wet, you can tilt the rock if needed to the the colors to the edges. then let it dry.

Highlighter kindness rocks step by step 4-8 of 8

I like to have a piece of scratch paper to plan out my lettering a bit. More tips on that in the video. We have a few fun designs you can write!

kindness rocks with highlighter base coat

Watch me paint these fun highlighter rocks in our full video tutorial!

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kindness rocks with highlighters