Are you trying to find the best sealer for painted rocks? Sealing your painted rocks helps protect them from the elements and gives it a nice finished shine. There are a lot of different options out there and it can be overwhelming. We have a few different options for you to check out today.
How to pick a sealer for your painted rocks.

The best sealer for painted rocks

One of the 5 most asked rock painting questions is ‘”how do I seal my rocks?” Which is usually followed up with, “what kind of sealer do I use on my rocks?”

My answer isn’t just a simple, “I use  ________”. Because I have used quite a few different sealers over the years. I have a few go-to products that I can’t wait to share with you.

Each person may find their own favorite sealer for painted rocks.

Don’t miss these tips on how to seal your painted rocks!

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How to pick the best sealant for rocks

There are so many options to choose from each brand, let alone all the different brands out there. While I would say most of them will do the job there are a few differences that you might want to know before purchasing your next sealant for rocks.
How to pick a sealer for your painted rocks.


Some questions you may want to ask yourself when choosing a sealer for painted rocks:

  • Will you be painting indoors or outdoors?
  • Are you painting rocks for outside?
  • Do you prefer a glossy or matte finish?

To see the full effect of each rock painting sealer, watch the video below!

DuraClear Gloss Varnish

One sealer I have used more and more lately is DuraClear Gloss Varnish.How to pick a sealer for your painted rocks.Because the weather has been too cold for me to go outside and use a spray on sealer, I have been using this brush on sealer more. It is odorless so you can do it right on your craft desk. Plus, it gives your painted rock a good shine. If you plan to use this product check out our brush on sealing tips.

Krylon UV-Resistant Clear

The sealer I have been using the longest is the Krylon UV-Resistant Clear Acrylic CoatingHow to pick a sealer for your painted rocks.It has an affordable price tag on it. It is non-yellowing and moisture resistant. I prefer spray sealers because you can do so many rocks at once in a short period of time. This has a lovely shine when it’s dry.

Rust-Oleum Universal Advanced Formula

The clear durable topcoat from Rust-Oleum is another good choice for a spray-on rock painting sealant.How to pick a sealer for your painted rocks.This sealer from Rust-Oleum dries crystal clear and has UV protection. It has a bit more gloss to it’s finish so if you like the shine effect it is a good one to check out. Note: I couldn’t find this exact sealer on Amazon, so I have linked to another Rust-Oleum sealer in our Amazon shop.

DecoArt Triple Thick Glaze

If you’re looking for an amazing shine, check out DecoArt Triple Thick Glaze.How to pick a sealer for your painted rocks.You can tell it just goes on thicker. While it does say non-yellowing it doesn’t say that it’s weather resistant. It is a bit pricer than some other sealers, but like most things, you get what you pay for.

Using Resin on Rocks

If you’re looking for even more shine, head over to our tutorial on how to use resin on rocks!Learn how to make beautiful and glossy rocks using resin. These tips will help you to create amazing painted rocks! #resin #paintedrocks #glossy #howtopaintrocks #rockpaintingideas #stonepainting #rockpainting101

There is also a fun new UV Resin that can be used! This one dries faster and you still get that beautiful resin finish!

See the finished rocks in the video below! 

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