Get inspired by these amazing Easter painted rocks. Find a great Easter craft tutorial that’s perfect for you! Maybe even host an Easter Rock Hunt!

Easter Painted Rocks

This Easter, grab your rock painting groups and your paint pens and create some fantastic stones from this collection of Easter painted rocks.

You can go with the cute bunnies, adorable chick rocks, or snuggly lambs. Or you can go the religious Easter route, to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. To be honest, I like both.

I think the Easter egg rocks and bunnies are fun to paint and cute to hide. I also love showing the true meaning of this holiday in my rocks. I include these Easter crafts as part of our Easter decorations

Easter Rock Hunting

Instead of hosting an Easter egg hunt, start a new tradition. Grab an Easter basket and host a fun Easter rock hunt.

The kids will love finding each unique painted rock

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Easter Painted Rocks.

Rock Painting Supplies

Painting on rocks is a fantastic hobby that doesn’t require a lot of supplies to get started. Here are some of the basics that we recommend:

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Don’t forget your base coat Check out our tutorials for creating a perfect base coat on your stones.

Easter rock painting ideas:

Painting rocks is a great way to decorate, play, or create this Easter!

Religious Easter rock painting ideas:

Which rock painting tutorial will you want to do first?

Cute Easter Stone Painting Ideas

From adorable bunnies to simple Easter egg designs. These Easter painted rocks are perfect for your next Easter Rock Hunt!

Some of these rocks may look a bit complicated. But they really are perfect for all skill levels. Some can even be done by young children. Click on the links for step-by-step instructions and video tutorials.

Need more inspiration? Check out this collection of Easter rock painting ideas from some of our favorite bloggers! You’ll find Easter story stones a collection of Easter egg rocks and maybe even more chick rock painting ideas

More Easy Rock Painting Ideas You May Love!

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Easter Rock Painting Ideas.