One of the most asked questions we get is: where to buy rocks to paint? While you can purchase pretty craft rocks online or from a craft store, there are many more affordable places to find rocks.

Stuck at home? Did you know you can order rocks on Amazon?

Where to buy rocks to paint?

The most important rock painting supply is going to have to be the rocks themselves. I mean, how can you paint rocks without actual rocks? It’s one of the most asked questions we get on our Facebook page.

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I’m not gonna lie, the first few times I bought rocks I went to craft stores. And while I love my craft stores for loads of other supplies, rocks are just way too expensive there! So I went in search of a better alternative.

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Landscaping stores. The ones with outdoor piles of landscaping supplies. They will have a big bin full of landscaping rocks.

You grab a 5-gallon bucket and can go and choose whichever rocks you want! There are tons of different sizes available.

I like to go for the flatter rocks, but maybe you want some perfect circles or a bunch of stones that are all similar in size. There are so many to choose from that you’ll have a full bucket before you know it!
My local landscaping supply store charges $10 for a 5-gallon bucket, but I’ve seen them as low as $5 per bucket! A much better deal than the craft store. Imagine what all you could do with 5 gallons of painted rocks!

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Other places to find stones to paint

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So you don’t have a landscaping supply nearby? or maybe you just don’t have time to dig through all those rocks. No worries. You can buy rocks on Amazon as well.

If you’re looking for a very specific shape or size, check out these specialty rocks for painting.

You can also check out your local hardware stores and garden centers. They often sell river rocks and landscaping rocks in bulk. You may not get to pick them out, but they are affordable.

And while craft supply stores are not our first choice, you can get rocks there.  Just make sure you grab a coupon first!

Since rock painting is becoming more and more popular, you may even be able to find rocks at places like Dollar Tree and Target. Keep your eye out for good deals!

Keep in mind, many store-bought craft rocks have a waxy coating on them. This coating makes it hard for paint to stick and will need to be removed before you start. It’s on my list to research the best method to remove the coating, but I’ve heard that boiling them in water and running them through the dishwasher work.

Finding rocks in nature

Lots of people find rocks in nature. If you live near water, you may be able to find stones. Or just going on a fun nature walk may produce some fun rocks that are just dying to be decorated.

But be careful finding your rocks to paint in nature. If you take too many it can mess up the natural effects that the rocks have on their environment. If you fill a 5-gallon bucket from the same river bed every other week, that river is not going to be happy.

Plus it’s illegal to take stones in many natural places. (take nothing, leave nothing. and all that good stuff) Make sure you know the rules of the area that you’re collecting from.

Make your own rocks!

There is a debate over whether or not making your own rocks is cheating. If you’re curious about the process, check out this tutorial on how to make rocks to get instructions and grab a mold. You can make perfectly round rocks or heart shaped rocks!Learn how to make rocks for painting and other craft projects.

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