Learn how to make beautiful and glossy rocks using resin. These tips will help you to create amazing painted rocks with a glass like finish.

how to seal rocks with resin step by step

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Resin Rocks

Resin rocks are beautiful and shiny and look like glass! We love the look and when it comes to talking about how to paint rocks with resin, there is no better person than Rachel of Rachel’s Rocks!

Rachel is a self-taught painter, who picked up a paintbrush for the first time in 2011. She is lucky enough to be a stay at home mom with her youngest child, and also to be able to run Rachels Rocks Canada at the same time.

Since she usually is quite the night owl, letting most of her creativity flow at night while the family sleeps.

Rachel paints mostly rocks but also paints beach glass, canvas etc.

She finds the most gratitude in inspiring others and sharing what she has taught herself. You can follow along with her amazing creations on YouTube, Etsy, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

How to use Art Resin on Rocks to make them have a glass like finish.

Supplies needed for resin coated rocks:

  • Plastic cutting board or matt usually found at Dollar Store
  • Measuring spoons
  • Plastic or glass container
  • Wooden popsicle sticks
  • Rubber gloves
  • Mixing container (glass or plastic)
  • Art Resin (both resin and hardener needed)
  • Heat Torch. She uses one from the kitchen supply area. Straw (for removing bubbles)
  • Plastic container for covering rocks to protect from dust/hair etc
  • Hair tie (for tying hair back!!!)
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer for clean up
  • Wear a mask and be in a well ventilated area just to be safe.

Rachel only uses Art Resin brand. It is non-toxic and she loves the results.

Step by step instructions for using resin on painted rocksLearn how to make beautiful and glossy rocks using resin. These tips will help you to create amazing painted rocks! #resin #paintedrocks #glossy #howtopaintrocks #rockpaintingideas #stonepainting #rockpainting101

These step by step instructions will help you create beautiful rocks with a resin sealer. Don’t forget to check out the full video tutorial below too!

Step 1

Put gloves on and add resin and hardener in equal parts to plastic or glass container.

A tablespoon of each will go a long way depending on the size of medium.

If there are any leftovers, you can precoat your next medium. I do this for rocks that are not as smooth as Id like. They are easily paintable once dry.

Step 2:

Mix with popsicle stick until you see pearlescent bubbles. Approx 2-3 minutes.

Mixing art resin for sealing rocks

Let sit for 10 minutes.

While resin is sitting, organize rocks onto the plastic surface. The plastic surface will help you detach rocks without damage after 10-12 hours.

Step 3:

Using gloved hands, “soap” up the rock using a couple fingers full of resin, coating entire rock in a thin layer.

Tip!: Make sure paint is completely dry before doing resin work, as this will result in bubbles when the resin is curing if there is moisture.

putting Art Resin on rocks as a sealer

Step 4:

Using your torch on med heat to pop any air bubbles.

If you do not have a torch use a straw and gently blow targeting bubbles. Be careful to not have any moisture blow through the straw, as this will not cure properly.

Having good lighting for this step in necessary. Use a flashlight if you need.

Step 5:

Examine the rocks for any dust or hair/bristles from brush immediately after.

Pull any away with a gloved hand and recoat the area, blowing with a straw if new bubbles occur.

Cover with a container to keep dust away.

Tip!: Humidity, dust, hair, improper mix ratio, is the biggest cause of poor results in topcoat. Follow manufacturers instructions for humidity/temperature recommendations.

How to use resin when painting rocks Video Tutorial

Rachel has been using Resin so long she made an updated video!! Check it out below!

The original Resin Tutorial-

Other types of Resin

Compare Art Resin vs UV Resin in this new tutorial!

Pin this rock painting tutorial to your favorite Pinterest board!Learn how to make beautiful and glossy rocks using resin. These tips will help you to create amazing painted rocks! #resin #paintedrocks #glossy #howtopaintrocks #rockpaintingideas #stonepainting #rockpainting101