Have you ever found a rock with a hashtag? Or you hide rocks around and don’t know what hashtag to use on your rock? You are not alone! Hiding random rocks around town is fun. Seeing a picture with a huge smiling kid hold your rock is priceless. So what do you write on your rocks?Learn what and why you should put a hashtag on rocks you paint. #RP101 

Hashtags on Rocks

Rock hiding and hunting is a fun activity that is sweeping the nation. My family has been playing this game for years. Part of the fun of rock huting is the hash tag.

I am guilty of not adding hashtags to lots of my rocks. I know they are found. I feel that those finding them are getting at least a little bit of joy. However, I would just love to see how far my rocks could travel! So I decided I needed to have a hashtag. 

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Did you find a #RP101 Rock?Learn what and why you should put a hashtag on rocks you paint. #RP101

Do you know what to do when you find a hash-tagged rock? It’s simple! Just take a picture of you and the rock or just the rock alone and post it on any social media using the tag on the rock. It’s fun if you can share the location (doesn’t have to be exact) of where you found the rock. Seeing how far rocks can travel and how many lives they can touch is exciting. Once you have posted the rock it’s up to you whether you want to keep it or rehide it. Perhaps you want to swap it for one of your own!

Learn what and why you should put a hashtag on rocks you paint. #RP101The only supply you really need to add your hashtag is a pen that won’t bleed when you seal it. I highly suggest a Black Posca 1M paint pen. They are easy to write with and show up on just about any shade of rock you might have. You will also want to make sure to grab a good sealer before sending your little hash-tagged rock out into the world! Another method you can use is to print off tags with some instruction and adhere them to your rocks before you get painting. 

How to pick a hashtag for your rock

So you want to hashtag your rock to get a chance to see where they go, but how do you pick the right hashtag for your rock? Well #RP101 was easy for me. I paint a lot of rocks and didn’t want to have to write rockpainting over and over. Also, I do some small stones sometimes. Someone on our Facebook page travels and leaves rocks with the tag #KindnessRocksEverywhere on them. However, for most people they might want to join some sort of group hashtag. A lot of local areas have local hashtags they use. Here are some examples!

  • #YumaRocks and #Yumahidearock in Yuma, AZ 
  • #heyrocks Based in West Yorkshire, U.K
  • #719Rocks based out of Colorado Springs, CO

Not sure if you have a local group you could start tagging with? Look on Facebook. Simply search for _______ Rocks. searching for groupsUse your area code, city, or even state in the blank. You might be surprised how many different groups come up. In the group description they will usually say if they have a hashtag they use as a group. If your group isn’t using a hashtag suggest it! It’s a really fun way for people to know what’s going on when they find a painted stone.

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Learn what and why you should put a hashtag on rocks you paint. #RP101

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