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How to draw mandala rocks. Tips for all skill levels. - Rock Painting 101

Learning how to draw mandala rocks can be daunting. But these tips will help you create beautifully painted rocks, regardless of your skill level. Learning how to draw mandala rocks can be daunting. But these tips will help you create beautifully painted rocks, regardless of your skill level. #rockpainting101

How To Draw Mandala Rocks

Whether you are new to rock painting, or an old pro, you are sure to have stumbled across one or two mandala rocks that have left you stunned.

These beautiful rocks are amazing and quite possibly a bit intimidating to a beginner. Lucky for you we have a few beginner mandala rock painting tutorials to help you out!

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If you want to take your dot mandalas to the next level, check out this amazing class by Liona Hotta.

How To Dot Your Mandala With A Brush  

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Supplies for dotted mandalas

Before you can start on your mandala journey you need some supplies.

For dotted mandalas, you can use a lot of different dotting tools or even make dotting tools from items you have around the house.Dot painting for beginners. Learn how to paint rocks with this dotted rock technique. Perfect for rock painting beginners. From dotting tools to simple dotting techniques.

Supplies for drawing a mandala

If you are going for a more lined style or pattern you can use 1M Poscas or very fine liner brushes

Where to buy rocks for mandala painting

Sometimes finding that perfect rock for painting a mandala is tricky. You can always buy your rocks.

Another solution is to make your own rocks. Yep. It’s a thing. Grab a mold and create perfectly round and perfectly smooth rocks to paint.

Find the right mindset for dot painting

Part of the process of mastering dot mandalas is getting in the right mindset. These 6 mandala tips will improve your dotting by getting you into the right mindset.

How to design mandala rocks

Creating a full circle mandala can be tricky. When you are first getting started, it might be easier to avoid the full circle.

Try creating half circle mandalas.Mandala Rainbow Rocks. These rainbow rock painting ideas are perfect for brightening up someone's day! Each rainbow has a tutorial and is perfect for beginners. #rockpainting101

Another trick is to paint a mandala inside of shapes. Mandala Heart Painted Rock. A fun rock painting technique.

These techniques can be easier because you don’t have to worry about getting the entire circle perfect.

Creating Dot Mandala Rocks

If you’re ready to give full circle mandalas a try you can use a quick mandala hack to give yourself some guides.Mandala rock painting. This hack is perfect for beginners.

Or you can purchase a Pip to use as a guide like the one we used in our spiral rock tutorial. It also works great for dotted mandalas.Use this Pip rock painting guide to create mandala rocks

Dot mandalas are very popular, but a bit tricky and intimidating. Check out this tutorial for dot mandala beginners to get you started!How to create dot mandala rocks step-by-step. Rock painting tutorial for dot mandalas for beginners.

The biggest tip for how to draw mandala rocks is to just try and try again. With each rock, you will gain the skills needed to create beautiful mandala stones of your own!

If you enjoyed these tips for making Mandalas on rocks, please pin this to your favorite Pinterest board.Learning how to draw mandala rocks can be daunting. But these tips will help you create beautifully painted rocks, regardless of your skill level. #rockpainting101

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