Painting patterns on rocks is a fun and colorful rock painting idea. This collection of tutorials are perfect on their own, or with words. Use them to hide around your neighborhood, to make kindness rocks, or to place in a decorative bowl.

Images of patterns painted on rocks. Text reads: "Patterns rock painting ideas"

Patterns on Rocks

Learn how to paint patterns on rocks with these amazing rock painting tutorials.

From fun animal patterns to trendy tie-dye, there is a video for you.

These patterns are perfect for beginners and rock painting pros.

They make fantastic base coats or can be left as-is.

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Rock Painting Patterns

Not ready to paint your rocks yet? No worries! Just pin this collection of patterns to your favorite Pinterest board and come back to it when you’re ready.

Images of patterns painted on rocks. Text reads: "Pattern Base Coats"

What supplies do you need?

Here are a few of the most important supplies that you will need to get started. To get a bigger deep dive, check out our favorite rock painting supplies.

Patterns to paint onto rocks

Patterns are a great rock painting idea. Leave them as is, or use them as a unique base coat.

Looking for more rock painting ideas?

Looking for more inspiration? Get inspired with these rock painting ideas.

Pin these simple rock painting ideas to your favorite Pinterest board!

Images of patterns painted on rocks. Text reads: "Pattern Rock Painting Ideas"