The weather is getting colder, and I have seen so many fun winter sweater designs! This seemed like such a cute rock painting idea to add to our winter rocks page!

Simple Winter Sweater Painted Rocks

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In this tutorial I have 3 different winter sweater patterns that I am showing off. Once you see how easy they are to make you will be coming up with loads of ideas of your own!

winter sweater patterns rock painting idea

Winter Sweater Rock Painting Supplies

For these rocks I am digging into my Hobby Lobby stash. You can order them online or grab in the stores. They are in their mosaic section. I base coated each of my stones in acrylic paint. For the white lining I am using my uni-ball Signo white gel pen. It worked great for these! I also used a small stack of sticky notes to help with my lining.

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How to Paint Winter Sweater Designs Step-by-Step

Below you will find step by step images on how to create this design. There is a full video tutorial after if you are looking for more details or tips!

A small stack of sticky notes works great for creating the lines on your rock. It gives you an edge you can draw along without it sliding around on you. I like to hold my pen at a slight angle to make my lines so it doesn’t bleed under. Alternate the lines based on the design you are working on. I filled in some of the spaces of this snowflake rock with dots.

blue winter sweater rocks step by step

Creating an X over one of the lines will give you 6 lines for cute snowflakes. Space them apart leaving enough room for the horizontal lines of the snowflakes not to touch. Adding dots to the tips really makes this design pop!

Our second design is a Christmas tree theme. Lay out your lines using the same technique as before. On your wider sections create triangles for your trees.

Green winter sweater rocks step by step

Add in a dot on top and some simple lines gives them the Christmas touch. For the extra lines I did an X pattern.

Our last design is snowman themed! Create a snowman with 2 stacked circles, the top one a touch smaller.

red winter sweater rocks step by step

Adding a fun dot patter in a V shape between each makes it look likes it’s snowing! I did a latter design in the extra lining space on this one.

Full Video Sweater Rocks Tutorial

Just need to see it? We’ve got you covered!

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Winter Sweater painted rocks step by step tutorial