Learn how to make optical illusions on rocks with this collection of tutorials. These rocks are perfect for rock painting beginners and experts. Find the painted rock that’s right for you!
how to make optical illusions ON ROCKS. Rock painting ideas for beginners. #rockpainting101

How to Make Optical Illusions on rocks

Op Art is becoming more and more popular, especially with rock painting. While these rock painting ideas may look too hard for the beginner to accomplish, you’d be surprised how easy they can be.

Check out these fun tutorials, and you’ll learn how to make optical illusions that will amaze!

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How to make optical illusion art

Which rock painting tutorial will you want to do first?

1. Rainbow peeking through a broken rock.

Create this fun optical illusion of a rainbow breaking out of a rock. The video tutorial will walk you through how to paint this easy rainbow rock for beginners. Use this rock painting idea to hide around your neighborhood or give as a gift to loved ones. #rockpainting101 #rainbowrocksThis rainbow is so cool it’s breaking through the rock!

2. Rainbow Op Art

Create the look of a rainbow falling into a whole with this rainbow optical illusion.

3. 3D Heart rock

green and Purple Heart rockMake your love pop off the rock with this 3D heart optical illusion.

4. Rainbow Illusion

how to make an optical illusion on rocksThe colors are falling into a round hole on this rainbow op art.

5. Coming Soon…

how to make optical illusions ON ROCKS. Rock painting ideas for beginners. #rockpainting101

Come back soon. We’ll be adding more rock painting tutorials as our October challenge continues.

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Learn how to make optical illusions on rocks with simple tutorials for beginners. #rockpainting101

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