These painted hatching chicks Easter eggs are too cute not to create this holiday season!

painted hatching chicks

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I always look forward to painting Easter rocks. It makes me happy to start to use the nice light colors of spring. These hatching eggs are really easy to create and are fun to hide around town.

easter egg rocks hatching chicks

Supplies to Paint Hatching Chicks Easter Egg Rocks

To paint these eggs you will need at least one color, orange for the feet, and white acrylic paint. For the cracks I started with my extra fine tip black paint pen. Since the stones I used were I used a Micron pen for the outer cracks. A dotting tool works perfect for the feet.

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How to Paint Hatching Easter Egg Rocks Step-by-Step

Below you will find step by step images on how to paint the cracks for this rock. There is a full video tutorial after if you are looking for more details for blending the colors of the eggs or tips to create the crack design!

I started by blending my colors to make it lighter at the top and a bit darker below, more on that in the video below. For the cracks create start with your paint pen to create a * in two places of your egg. Bring each point towards the center like a triangle. Go in with a smaller pen to create the longer cracks going out. Make Y and V shapes at the tips.

hatching easter egg chicks step by step

To add the feet you can use a dotting tool to make 3 dots and pull them all back toward the heel. Last, outline the feet and you’re done! Try them in all sorts of different colors. Once you have tried this design try a chick head poking out of the top!

  • If you are using this tutorial to paint a rock, make sure to seal your painted rocks before putting them out into the world!

Hatching Eggs Video Tutorial

Watch me blend the base of the eggs and see more details on making the cracks in the full video tutorial

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Hatching chicks painting tutorial