We have been painting gnome rocks for a very long time. We started with our really basic Christmas gnomes and they have just expanded from there!

gnome rock painting ideas

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Creating gnome painted rocks is fun! Since they are so easy to dress up, you can paint them for any theme or holiday!

Supplies to Paint Gnome Rocks

supplies for gnomes painted on rocks

Grab your acrylic paints, paint pens, or both for your gnome rocks. However, you may want to make sure to have an extra fine tip black paint pen for your outlines. I have also used Micron pens from time to time for the tiny details

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Save these Gnome Painting Ideas

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gnome painted rocks ideas

How to Paint a Gnome Step-by-Step

The whole thing starts with the nose. If you want tall hats you will want to place this slightly lower then the center of your rock. Then create a horizontal line out to each side. If you want eyes you will place an arch above your nose. If you like the no eye look skip this step. Create a large U connecting the horizontal lines for the beards.

painting gnomes step by step

Now create the hats. These can be straight and pointed or you can have them flop to the sides. On some designs I like to add little shoes or hands. Now it’s time to color them in. Check out the ideas below for inspiration!

Painted Gnome Rocks Ideas

Get inspired with these adorable gnome painted rock ideas! So many different tutorials, you will be painting gnome rocks all year long!

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8 gnome rock painting ideas