Spread some home team cheer with these fun football painted rocks! Sports lovers will love these whether you are hand delivering them or hiding them around town!

football fan painted rock designs

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As you can tell I personally root on the Green Bay Packers during football season. However, while these tutorials are for football painted rocks, you can easily swap out 1 or 2 details to make these for team in any sport!

4 team themed football painted rocks ideas

Football Rock Painting Supplies

You can paint these tutorials with paint pens or acrylic paints. I am using extra fine tip paint pens since these are smaller stones. If you are using a brush and acrylic you may want to get a black pant pen for the lining.

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How to Create Football Painted Rocks Step-by-Step

Below you will find step by step images on how to create this design. There is a full video tutorial after if you are looking for more details or tips!

We all hope our team will end up #1! The number sign (or hashtag) is the hardest part, until you see it broken apart. Start with a square in the middle and then build out to each side with a square with an invisible edge. Then keeping the spacing consistent add on the outer edges. I’m keeping my 1 simple here.

number 1 sports team step by step

I decided to fill it in with a checker pattern. This makes it easier to add in your favorite team’s colors!

Next, we have 2 different heart designs to show your love for the team! The first is pointillism style. Start with a heart sheet of paper dot right along the edge really close together. Work your way towards the edge. Then do the same with your second color.

2 football painted rocks heart ideas

For our football painted rock heart just split your heart in half and add football laces down the center!

Finally we have our favorite gnome ready for the game. Lay out your gnome and create patch sections on his hat.

How to paint a football team themed gnome step by step

Fill in the patches with different designs and solid pieces until it’s full. You can even color their shoes! Put a football or flag in his hands and he’s ready to go!

  • If you are using this tutorial to paint a rock, make sure to seal your painted rocks before putting them out into the world!

Sport Fan Rocks Video Tutorial

Watch me paint all of these rocks in the video tutorial below!

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Team themed football rock painting ideas