Have you ever tried blow painting with straws? It’s such a fun and unique painting technique you can use to add a new element of creativity to your rock painting! Using burst of air you will manipulate the acrylic paint into these stunning painted stones.

Air Burst Rock Painting technique

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Blow painting with straws

I’m kind of obsessed with the look of this technique. I was finishing up a batch pour painted stones and I had some paint left over. I started to play around with blowing the paint around and was amazed at how beautiful the paint was looking.

This stone painting technique is perfect for beginners because it is nearly impossible to mess it up! Just pick out some beautiful acrylic paint colors, a flow agent, and some stones.

Blow Painting with straws

In this tutorial we are using air burst. We have also played with blowing in a specific direction. You will want to see the results of this vertical blown rock.

Air Burst Acrylic Base Coats Step-by-Step

Here is a quick run down of the technique. There is a video attached as well if you want to see it in motion!

I mixed all of my acrylic paints 50:50 with Floetrol. Floetrol is a leveling agent you can buy at hardware stores. You can make DIY Floetrol by mixing white school glue:water at 2:1. Stack you paints and then start creating burst of air through a straw. Work your first layer of paint all the way to the edges. It is OK if it gets thin.

air burst acrylic paint base coat 3 Steps VERT-2

Repeat the same process with a second coat. Try not to over think it too much. Let the paint do it’s thing. This makes a great base coat for word rocks or you can leave them just as they are.

Fluid acrylic painting supplies

You can paint these rocks with Floetrol and acrylic paint. When choosing your paint colors make sure that the colors look good mixed together.

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  • If you are using this tutorial to paint a rock, make sure to seal your painted rocks before putting them out into the world!

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air burst rock painting tutorial
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