We have lots of flower painting ideas on the site, but not too many acrylic flower paintings, easy enough for beginners to try!

flower paintings easy neon acrylic paint flowers for beginners

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You know I love my paint pens, but many of you have acrylics so this spring I’m adding more flowers painted with acrylic to the site! We created a simple acrylic flower that was just outlines letting the raw rock show through, but I wanted to show a different shape and what you can do with a pop of color!

Acrylic Flower Painting Supplies

We are painting these acrylic flowers on these nice flat sliced stones we found at Hobby Lobby. You can paint these flowers on anything! You will need black acrylic paint and colors for your flowers. We used DecoArt’s neon paints to make them really pop. For the black I used a disposable eyeliner brush and to fill in the colors use any round brush that is the size you like for your rocks.

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how to paint flowers with acrylic piant neon and black

Creating Flower Paintings Easy Step-by-Step Directions

Below you will find step by step images on how to create this design. There is a full video tutorial after if you are looking for more details or tips!

You can create this design on one rock or a group of rocks. We are going to start with one wedge of the flower to show the details and then fill them all in with color. With a liner style brush, begin with creating the center of the flower. Then you will want to paint your flower petals. Don’t worry about these being perfect solid lines. This flower is very forgiving!

acrylic flower painting outline step by step

Next, start adding on little stripes coming out from the center into the petals. Do some most short and a few longer. Again, these are light airy lines. Just have fun with it! Last, come back in the center of the flower and add in dotting. Thicker up along the line and lighter toward the center.

Once you have one section done lay out your rocks if doing a full flower and repeat. Now with a slight larger brush start adding in your color. Start with your “main color” adding sections throughout your whole design.

how to paint neon flowers with acrylics step by step

Allow your colors to dry between layers so they do not blend together. Repeat with each color you would like to use and then again with your first “main color”. To finish up come back through with your black liner brush, give it a nice crisp outline and details. At this time like to add a few dots in the petals as well.

neon flower painting
  • If you are using this tutorial to paint a rock, make sure to seal your painted rocks before putting them out into the world!

Acrylic Beginner Easy Flower Painting Video Tutorial

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painting acrylic flowers for kindness rocks neon and black