We have 7 fun lily drawing ideas for you to try! These will make perfect additions to our upcoming simple flower doodle series. You can draw a lily flower onto homemade cards, journal pages, kindness rocks, and so much more!

how to draw lilies

There are so many kinds of lilies to draw! Here are the lily drawings we will be sharing today!

  • Lily of the Valley Drawing
  • Water Lily Drawing
  • Calla Lily Drawings
  • Spider Lily Drawing
  • Easter Lily
  • Tiger Lily Drawing
  • Stargazer Lily Drawing
  • Lily Pad Drawing

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lily drawing ideas how to doodle lilies

Lily of the Valley Drawings

This lily of the valley drawing start with nice slim stems. Add little lines where the flowers will go first, these will be arching down. Next, add on you little flower. Start with the outer edge of a bell shape. Then connect the two edges with a very wide capital M shape. Leave this flower more of a doodle style as is, or add on little leaves and lines for more details if you like!

lily of the valley drawings

Water Lily Drawing

Next, we have a beautiful water lily! This lily drawing is all about stacking the petals! Start on the base with your petals almost horizontal. Try adding a couple petals with almost a bowl effect by adding a 3rd line to the shape. Start stacking your petals to make them a couple layers before making the rest of the petals a bit more vertical. Finish the front facing part of the flower first. Then add in the back side of the petals last.

drawing water lily step by step

Calla Lily Drawing

Drawing Calla lilies is really all about that first line. These flowers are beautiful and come in lots of different colors and variations. We have this first drawing that is a nice and simple doodle to follow.

calla lily drawing step by step

Drawing Calla Lilies

Some calla lilies have a little point to their petal. They also might be in groupings so we gave you another easy to follow design!

drawing calla lilies step by step

Spider Lily Drawing

Drawing a spider lily might be the trickiest of our lily drawings to create. It is a beautiful flower! Start with a forward facing flower head. Draw thin petals going in each direction. Next, you have to add in something similar off to the left, right, and back. Try to let those other petals disappear behind your front flower. Finally, these lilies have a lot of long stamen coming out from the center of each flower. Make sure to make these long and skinny with a little ball at the end. You can add more details to the flower by filling in the larger pieces of the stems. This will help separate the flowers a bit too.

red spider lily drawing step by step

Easter Lily – Tiger Lily – Stargazer Lily

These three types of lilies are all drawn the same. The main separation between them is the coloring you apply after.

When you draw an Easter lily you will most likely use the trumpet stage of the lily blooming. We have this broken apart for you below. The stems go straight down if you want to add one. These blooms open off to the sides.

easy Easter lily drawing

The next stage of the lily is when it is all the way open! Start this design with 3 top layer petals. Next, add in 3 bottom layer petals. Stargazer lilies have lots of magenta and pink hues. If you are drawing a tiger lily you will be adding in oranges. The specs near the centre are common in a lot of variations. Just look for an image online if you are coloring to pick the final details!

stargazer lily drawing step by step

How to Draw a Lily Pad

When drawing lily pads start with a not so perfect circle. Next, create a line out to the edge from the center to take a wedge out. Last, add line details from the center outward for the veining. You can add a flower if you want!

drawing lily pads step by step

I hope you found a few lily flower drawings to try! If you want to see more check out a few fun ways to draw a daisy!