Daisy drawing, it is almost relaxing! Once you see how easy it is to draw a daisy you will be doodling them everywhere! These daisy drawings are the perfect start to our new simple flower doodle series!

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Daisy Drawings

drawing daisies for beginners

Below I have 4 simple daisy drawings for you to pick from! You can simplify any of these daisy doodles to make them quicker for you to jot down on anything!

Daisy Flower Drawing

daisy flower drawing step by step

As a daisy first opens the petals block the center of the flower. So you will want to start this daisy drawing with the stem and the receptacle. Then start building up some of the smaller petals. When you add your larger petals space them out so that you will get a layered effect when you come back and add some arches behind your front petals.

How to Draw a Daisy

how to draw a daisy step by step

In this second daisy drawing the center is now showing so we will start with that to draw our design. It is still from the side so create on oval and then add a petal out in each direction. Fill in-between those petals and then some shorter ones in the front. This gives depth to your daisy. You can add details if you choose to your petals and daisy center.

Fully Bloomed Daisy Drawing

daisy drawing for beginners

Once a daisy if fully bloomed the petals will start to sag down. So you will want to give it a nice arch for the center and create your outer petals first. Then fill in-between. A few details can be adde to this daisy doodle as well. A few lines in the petals or shading center. To give it some more depth add a few arches along the outer petals from the center of your flower. Don’t forget to add your stem!

Simple Daisy Drawing Idea

simple daisy drawing idea

For this final easy daisy sketch we are giving a birds eye view. Start with a center circle and build your petals out. You want to space them around instead of adding them next to each other. This way as you start to build them up you will get different layers. Finish up if you like with some simple details in the center of your flower!

Now that you know how to draw a daisy you just need to decide where to start doodling!! Check out how we used one of these daisy designs for this fun kindness rock!

Create a watercolor effect with Posca paint pens or regular acrylic paints. This easy tutorial will walk you through a fun technique by painting a daisy rock. Watch the video and find out how easy this process is. It's perfect for rock painting beginners!