Learn how to paint an elephant with this simple step by step video tutorial. Creating your own elephant rocks is a fun way to create your own little zoo at home.how to paint an elephant

How to paint an elephant

Who doesn’t love elephants? This animal rock painting idea is just too cute to pass up. While we’ve created other animal rocks before, this is the first time for an elephant painted rock. 

I love to paint a wide variety of animals and this fun idea doesn’t disappoint! This tutorial shows an elephant being all gray, but you can be creative and add color if you really want to. The outline of the shape of the elephant doesn’t change in the process but the creative colors used, can. 

Stay tuned and scroll down to see the full-length video tutorial.

Elephant Rock Painting



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Supplies to create this elephant painted rock 

For this elephant rock painting, I am using my stash of beloved acrylic paints. It’s actually a wide variety of Deco Art and Craftsmart.

You can also use various brushes to paint this elephant as well. I use brushes from this set

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Watch the Full Rock Painting Video Tutorial!

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