These rock painting gift ideas are perfect for creating something one of a kind for someone special! 

Rock Painting Gift Ideas

We love to paint rocks! I think you know this by now… Most of the time I hide my rocks around town. But, sometimes I like to make them to give away to someone I know.

There is something special about a handmade gift. The receiver knows you put time into the present you have made. And painting rocks for gifts is a quick and easy last minute DIY gift idea.

This collection of painted rocks are all aimed at making something truly unique for someone special. 

Each tutorial is perfect for the rock painting beginner and you can add your own flair to many of them!

Rock painting gifts

Which of these rock painting tutorials inspires you to make painted rocks for your friends and family?

Hand Letting Names on Rocks

Learn how to build a beautifully hand-lettered name right onto a rock. These would look wonderful added right into your tablescape!

Dotted Name rocks

If hand-lettering is still a bit out of your wheelhouse you can try this fun dotted name rock! These can be customized to your recievers favorite colors!

Memory Game Rocks

Create an adorable game of memory that can be taken anywhere to play! These are adorable and perfect for stocking stuffers or to give to any little one you know!

Large Zendangle Santorini Stones

Grab some giant santorini stones and make a beautiful big zenangle project! These are perfect as tablecloth weights for outdoor parties, paper weights in the office, or just decor around the house! These whimsical designs can be customized in so many ways!

State Shapes on Rocks

Easily paint your state onto a rock with this quick tutorial. Step by step instructions and a video help you to master this rock painting idea. #state #rockpaintingideas #florida #howtopaintrocks #stonepainting #rockhiding #rockhunting #homestate #ilovemystate #rockpainting101These state painted rocks make amazing gifts for friends or family that live far from home.

I hope you enjoyed this collection of painted rock gift ideas! Are you planning on gifting and beautiful rocks this year? I’ll continue to add to this collection whenever I create a fun new tutorial, so make sure to check back!

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