I had the requested for painting a frog on a rock a long time ago. We have had the video for some time, but I figured it was time to get it added to our animal rocks page on the site! This frog rock painting is great for beginners to try!

Friendly Frog Rock painting idea

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For this easy frog rock painting tutorial we are using our paint pens. If you are an acrylic and brush type of painter that is OK too! You can still use this tutorial to see the breakdown of the frogs body which is really all you need to recreate this frog painting.

frog painted rock tutorial

Supplies for your Frog Kindness Rock

I am using paint pens from my Posca multi-pack. For the green you can really use which ever size you have. Filling it in is a bit easier if you have a 3M or 5M paint pen. For the lining I am using my 1M (extra fine tip) black Posca. If you are painting with acrylics and a brush having a paint pen for lining might be a good grab for you.

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Frog Rock Painting Step-by-Step

Below you will find step by step images on how to create this design. There is a full video tutorial after if you are looking for more details or tips!

First, lay out the shapes of your frog. An oval for the body and head stacked on each other. A couple of bumps for the eyes to be added later. Then place 2 lines out to the side. These will be the feet later. Add an arch connecting the body and the foot. Then fill in green.

How to paint a frog step by step

While lining your frog you will add front arms and the legs to the side. Create a little Y shape at the top of the line separating the top and bottom half of his legs. For the eyes create a larger white circle. Next, a smaller black pupil. Last, a white highlight. A couple dashes for the nose and a nice smile and you’re finished!

Painted Frog Rock – Video Tutorial

We have a full video tutorial you can watch as well!

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how to paint an easy frog with paint pens